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Building energy efficient homes is the first step to Going Green! Builders today face a number of challenges in today's market. Comfort, energy efficiency, safety and durability are a few examples of what today's homebuyers are increasingly becoming educated on. Don't be left behind! From start to finish, we are committed to providing our clients the insight they need to build and sell high-performance homes.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet our builder clients needs. This website is designed to provide you not only with information about our services, but useful information and green insight gathered from a variety of sources in New Mexico and on the Web.  Go Green, NM is constantly searching for new products, new techniques, new opportunities for our clients. We are well-educated, well-trained, and well-equipped.

Information on Tax Credits   New Mexico Building Codes
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Join Energy Star and choose Go Green, NM as your Energy Rater Partner in New Mexico!

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On January 1, 2011 the State of NM is anticipating on moving to a new Energy Code based the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code for all permitted building construction that includes residential and commercial. Read more about the new energy code .....
Green Program Checklists

Building Solutions

NAHB, Build Green NM, and LEED-H each have a checklist describing the components necessary to score points and achieve various levels in each program.
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Build Green NM - Silver, Energy Star, and HERS 60 and a WiERs 70 or less is required for the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit. Choose Go Green, NM as your Energy Rater and Green Verifier!

LEED for Homes - Silver or above and HERS 60 is required for the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit. Choose Go Green, NM as your Energy Rater & Green Verifier!

NAHB Green - The National Home Builder Association's Green program. The National Green Building Standard was adopted by BGNM. Choose Go Green, NM as your Energy Rater and Green Verifier!

Go Green, NM can help you achieve HERS requirements  for NAHB, BGNM, LEED-H and for local and federal tax incentives!  Click here to Contact Us Today for more details!



pdf The Perfect Wall

pdf Ice Dams

pdf Optimum Value Engineered Framing

pdf Advanced Wall Framing

pdf Designs for Cold Climates

pdf Designs for Hot/Dry and Mixed/Dry Climates

pdf Energy Star Thermal Bypass Guide

pdf Attic Ventilation

pdf Radiant Barriers

pdf Ducts in Conditioned Space

Window Installation Best Practices

pdf Go Green, NM Energy Rating Process


Note: References are courtesy of their authors and their contributing  organizations.

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