In addition to and depending on your municipality and utility company, there may be significant incentives and rebates available for building a high performance home. Look to Go Green, NM for insight on LEED for Homes!


Go Green, NM LLC is focused on providing the green insight to high performance single and multi-family residential projects by supporting builders and homeowners in pursuing certification in the USGBC’s LEED for Homes&trade Green Building Rating System. The LEED for Homes&trade Green Rating System is a consensus-based tool developed by the USGBC to assess and validate how green a home is. The benefits of building for LEED for Homes certification may include:

  • Improved home performance and increased energy and water efficiency. compared to homes built to minimum codes.
  • Healthier, more comfortable homes.
  • More durable homes.
  • Smaller carbon / environmental footprint than conventional homes.
  • Reduction in long-term costs through increased efficiency.