Finding a High Performance Builder

Designing and constructing an energy-efficient house requires careful planning and attention to details. Go Green, NM takes a whole-house systems approach and can help you and your designer develop a successful strategy for incorporating energy efficiency into your home's design.

Once you've seen all the benefits of buying and living in a high-performing home, you'll probably want to find a builder that thinks like you do. The good news is that the number of builders that take a "systems approach" and build high-performance homes is increasing every day.

What is a High Performance Home?

High performance builders:

  • Follows a systems approach to building homes.
  • Takes into consideration resource efficiency, comfort, safety, and durability.
  • Recognize that "first-cost" is not the only valid economic criteria for homes.

High performance homes:

  • Will consume fewer resources at construction and throughout their life.
  • Will be more comfortable to live in without the typical comfort problems that plague many homes, old and new.
  • Are safer to live in, being less susceptible to the unintended consequences of less thoughtful construction.
  • Are more durable, having considered the environment that they face on a daily basis.
  • Considerably out-perform homes built in a conventional way.

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