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Go Green, NM cooperates with designers, architects, builders and homeowner's by providing energy code analysis, performance testing and reporting and consulting on local energy codes and green building programs.

We offer an number of cradle-to-grave services for home builders and new and existing homeowners. Go Green, NM is a one-stop-shop for residential construction, code compliant performance testing and documentation. Planning is a significant step in any project.

Planning Steps      

1. Code and Program Compliance: The first step to building any new home is to ensure your design specifications meet the local code requirements. Go Green, NM provides preliminary code compliance analysis and documentation and cost effective improvements if necessary!

2. Define Your Target: If you are participating a build green program the green checklist for that program should be complete. The checklist defines the specifications and associated costs for your new green home!

3. Execution: As you begin to build Go Green, NM's certified third party inspectors will begin to verify the component of your home to satisfy the local energy code or build green program of your choice. Go Green, NM also conducts performance testing!









We have years of construction and engineering experience and the most up-to-date software and RESNET certifed Energy Rater training to provide you with the most accurate projections and third party verification that ensure your project will meet or exceed local energy codes and building program requirements.




















Residential Construction Management and Planning      

Choosing a contractor is a very important decision. Involve Go Green, NM in a pre-construction consultation with your contractor to see how our expertise can help your team achieve higher quality construction.

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Project Management and Consulting



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