What is a green built home?

Green homes can have myriad benefits for your family, your environmental footprint, and your wallet. Generally, green homes are more comfortable and durable, more energy and water efficient.

There are voluntary third party green certification programs that strengthen the quality of a green home. A home that achieves certification has been designed to maximize fresh air indoors, minimizing exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants, and has the potential to use 20-30% less energy – and some up to 60% less – than a home built to the International Energy Code Council’s 2006 code. Less energy use means lower utility bills every month throughout the life of the house. The attributes of a green certified home is independantly verified by a qualified third party professional, Go Green, NM!

Ask your builder if their green homes are certified and independantly verifed by qualified and experienced third party professional. Refer Go Green, NM to your builder, and refer to this website for a 10% discount on our first project together!

What is Third Party Verification?

An independant Third Party Verifier is an organization like Go Green, NM that is independant of the Builder or any Sub-Contractor. Thus, the independant third party performs unbiased and impartial quality inspections on all installations in a home without a conflict of interest. Quality assurance by a legitimate third pary ensures installations such as insulation and HVAC meet the quality now required by most building codes, Energy Star, Build Green NM, or LEED. More importantly, as a future homeowner, it is important to get what you pay for! Go Green NM works for builders and homeowners alike to ensure consumers indeed get what they pay for!

Why Choose a Green Certified Home?

Certification answers the question “Does this home meet acceptable standards for quality?” Certified homes meet widely accepted consumer and environmental standards and ensures that the home you buy comes from eligible renewable resources, green products, and meets product-marketing standards. Certification also ensures the quality of home and validates the product’s environmental attributes.

Systems Approach to Home Building

Designing and constructing an energy-efficient house requires careful planning and attention to details. A whole-house systems approach can help you and your architect develop a successful strategy for incorporating energy efficiency into your home’s design.

A whole-house systems approach considers the interaction between you, your building site, your climate, and these other elements or components of your home:

Builders and designers who use this approach recognize that the features of one component in the house can greatly affect other components, which ultimately affects the overall energy efficiency of the house.

These are some benefits of using a whole-house systems approach:

Ask your builder if they use the whole-house systems approach in their home designs. Go Green NM can support you and you builder, designer or architect using the systems approach!


More information for green home buyers coming soon!